I am a Game Design student at PlaygroundSquad in a small-ish town called Falun.

I primarily specialize in Level Design and absolutely love taking the layouts and ideas in my head and putting them on paper (or into a game engine).

What I enjoy the most with Level Design is crafting levels that reward exploration as well as complement the games' mechanics. It is a continously evolving craft, which is part of what what makes it so much fun.

Narrative Design is another area that I like exploring; creating story beats in various creative and meaningful ways is something that brings me heaps of joy.

In my spare time I work on my own game projects where the focus lies in Level- and Narrative Design and the games I usually play tend to have a large focus in these areas too. Most recently, I finished playing Control and was inspired by both the sense of exploration as well as how effectively the lighting sets the mood from moment to moment.

Outside of gaming, I'm reading a lot of books (currently a collection of haikus), practice my doodle skills in Photoshop and jogging while listening to a hiphop-saturated playlist.

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