Responsibilities: Scripting (C#), Game Design, Puzzle Design, Level Design

Development time: 2 weeks

Team size: 1

Genre: Platformer

Tools: Unity 3D, Audacity


Nico's Extraordinary Journey in Space is a single-player Platformer for PC and made in Unity 3D. The player is in control of Nico, who is on a pilgrimage in a physics-defying realm.

The aim of this project was to become more knowledgeable about scripting trigger events, since that knowledge is an important tool for Level Designers. 

Nico's Extraordinary Journey in space


Moving objects

Certain objects in the game activate when the player enters their trigger area. More specifically, they would move in one direction upon entering the trigger area and then return to their original position when the player exits the trigger area.

Some objects had more than one trigger area, which gave them more than one desination to travel before returning to their original position.

Moving objects (script)

audio Trigger

Whenever the player enters the specific trigger area, a sound file would play and would continue to do so even if the player leaves the trigger area. The reason why is because there is nothing in the script that triggers upon exiting.

Moving objects (script)

Respawning player

I created a script that caused the player to respawn at specific locations if they enter certain triggers. This was used to make sure that if the player ever went out of bounds (such as when falling of a platform), they would respawn somewhere nearby.

Depending on which object carries the script, the player would respawn at a different location when entering the trigger area.

Respawning player (Script)

Win state

Upon reaching a specific point, the player reaches the goal of the game and unlocks the win state. This spawns a UI screen with text congratulating the player.

Win state (Script)

~puzzle design~

The game contains one simple puzzle, which makes use of the Moving Objects script as well as physics. The player must go up a straight staircase in order to jump into an opening, but said opening is covered by a large red lid.

There are pressure plates in the vicinity that causes objects to move. However, they must be pressed in the right order and within a certain time frame in order for the player to progress.

When the player first arrives at the place, there is one pressure plate nearby. This pressure plate causes a large blue box to ascend; revealing a small red cube. The blue box will return to its original position after a short while.

While the red box is revealed, the player must make their way up the curved staircase and activate the next pressure plate. This propels said box to move at a rapid pace to a new position. As a result of its high speed, the large red lid is pushed away.

With the large red lid pushed off, the opening is revealed. The player can now travel up the straight staircase and jump down. The challenge has been completed.

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