Responsibilities: Game Design, Scripting (C#), Level Design, 3D modelling

Development time: 1 week

Team size: 1

Genre: Adventure Platformer

Tools: Unity 3D, Visual Studios, ProBuilder, Blender


Orb is a single-player Adventure Platformer for PC and made in Unity 3D. In Orb, players have the ability to metally push objects away. Depending on what object is pushed, differents effects are triggered.

Over the course of one week, I practiced basic scripting as well as what different kinds of gameplay I could create with one single mechanic. Above all, this project resulted in me having a greater sense of gameplay creativity when it comes to relying on just one mechanic.


~Game design~

A total of three different gameplay scenarios were created using the game's sole mechanic Repel:

  • Pushing objects away from the player

  • Causing an object to multiply when hitting the ground

  • Creating a chain effect of tht laws of physics


Repel mechanic

The force of the Repel mechanic when it has only been charged for a split second has little impact.

The force of the Repel mechanic when it has been charged for a few seconds has massive impact.

Blue cubes will burst into a cluster of many smaller cubes when it collides with anything that is labeled as "ground".


Repel objects

By holding down a button, a force and radius value is increased over time and upon release of the same button, the force is released and pushes objects away.

By making the value of the force decrease over time, one could attract objects instead.

Repel objects (script)

explode objects

Objects with this script applied to them will burst into more objects upon collision with any other object that is tagged as "ground". I could alter the size, number and shape of the new objects and choose to keep the shape.


I made the number of spawned objects high, but I shrank them in size. This way, I could create the illusion that the original object exploded rather than multiplied (which is what actually happens).

Exploding objects (script)

~level design~

1. The first obstacle is introduced. The player approaches said blockade and then uses the Repel mechanic to push away the stacks of yellow cubes.

2. The platform that the player must reach is completely covered by yellow cubes, but with the obstacle is removed with the use of the Repel mechanic.

3. The player approaches an elevated platform, which can only be reached if they Repel enough cubes to stand on.

Problem: the player can't jump up to the next platform, since it's too high up.

Solution: the player Repels enough cubes to close the gap between them and the next platform.

4. The player passes through a gathering of dark structures that will crumble if the player uses the Repel mechanic.

5. The player must reach the highest of the cylinder platforms, but in the way are several blue cubes. The force from exploding blue cubes can push the player off if they are not careful.

The bottom of the cylinder platforms.

The top of the cylinder platforms. As a reward for reaching the top, the player gets to use the Repel mechanic to start a domino effect on colossal frames that block the path to the final part.

6. The final segment. The player falls down and lands on a bridge that leads to a giant tree, which in turn leads to a win state upon reaching it.

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