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Any Way You Want It

I do enjoy Fridays. There is the weekly tournament we have in our group (I WON THIS TIME), a review of our progress and, of course, fika.

The purpose of the tournament is for the entire team to experience the newest build of the game together. In a sense, it's our combined work put into one product and we can experience how it all works together.

For instance, one of the things I did today was making more sound effects such as when the player jumps after using Charge Jump. While playing the game, we noticed that its volume was higher than some other effects, so we knew it had to be toned down. This would have been hard to tell when you don't play the game.

We also let people outside of our group test the game in the form of a tournament and the winner from each match won a cookie. We also took the opportunity to gather feedback, which we talked about later during the weekly review.

Speaking of tournaments, this may have been our last one and that saddens me a bit. However, all things must come to an end and after this weekend, only one week remains.

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