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Don't Worry Be Happy

Alpha came and alpha went and I must say...

It went really well! There were some questions from the teachers regarding how we will present the UI, but it was nothing our group had not planned for already.

Some time after the presentation, my group had a meeting regarding the feedback we got and we decided to solidify parts of what had only been ideas before. One of the things was how we will communicate to the player which of the characters they will play. What we decided upon was to add a separate screen that the player is transported to after they press "Play" and it is on this new screen where the number of players is chosen as well as which color they want to play as.

In addition to this, we also decided to put one of our features, a health system and a "bounce-back system", on ice. The idea was that when a player falls into the lava, they lose one health point, but they bounce right back up so that they can still play (until they lose all three health points).

The reason why we put all of this on ice is that our programmers still need to implement sound, animations and one of the major mechanics; the Charge Jump. On top of that, the deadline for Gold is less than three weeks away and the game is still an enjoyable experience even with instant death.

It was not a happy moment to cut away such a large part of the game, but we collectively thought it was a necessary one. I'm not worried though; I'm happy.

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