the horrible heist

The Horrible Heist is finally out for free on itch! Grab a friend and head over here to cause some wonderful chaos as a duo!


Responsibilities: Game Design, Level Design, SFX, UI graphics, VFX, narrative

Development time: 5 weeks

Team size: 2

Genre: Co-op puzzle platformer

Tools: Unity 3D, Photoshop, Audacity


The Horrible Heist is a local co-op puzzle game for PC and made in Unity 3D. The players control one robot each that have their own individual abilities. Your mission is to steal a mesmerizing treasure that is sought after by your boss, the evil genius Dr. Dangertop.

The players will break into several locations in order to get one step closer to their goal. By using the various abilities together as a team, the playes may actually pull off the perfect heist.

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